Hello ,

thank you for playing our awesome game. We were two programmers from germany. Our idea for this was born in a washing machine. Don't get dizzy!

wasd movement
Mouse 1 activates wall
E to start
R to reset room of doom, if something goes wron during rotation
M to mute music

How to play:
Kill the monsters with gravity before they eat you! The wall you currently looking on will be red, click to turn the gravity in the room of doom to the direction of the marked wall. If a monster falls on it's red softspot, it dies.
How long can YOU survive? Write your time in the comments.

Emil - Programming, "Art", Stuff
Sven - Programming, Stuff


Original Submission (22 MB)
RoomOfDoom_Linux.zip (26 MB)
RoomOfDoom_osx.zip (25 MB)
RoomOfDoom_Windows_updated.zip (22 MB)

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